SANCOLD, in conjunction with the Water Research Commission released the SANCOLD Guideline on Freeboard for Dams at the SANCOLD Conference in November 2011.  The publication is distributed by the WRC.

SANCOLD is currently busy making preparations for the following publications:

SANCOLD Guideline on Floods

In response to the adoption of the Dam Safety legislation, SANCOLD in 1990-91 took the initiative to develop technical material and guidelines to assist professionals active in the field of dam engineering in the execution of their responsibilities. The list of publications by SANCOLD includes the following:

  • Flood Hydrology for Southern Africa, by WJR Alexander
  • Interim Guidelines on Freeboard for Dams, August 1990
  • Guidelines on Safety in Relation to Floods, December 1991.

At the time of publication there was a very real recognition that further research and the gathering of experience over the years would require future revision of these documents. The SANCOLD Management Committee resolved that the time has come to consider the need for a revision of the above-mentioned publications related to floods.  There was also a specific request at the 2010 Annual Meeting for such an update.  It is pleasing to report that the WRC engaged the University of Pretoria (Prof Fanie van Vuuren) to undertake a scoping study and to make research recommendations.  It is the intention to convene a meeting of interested hydrological experts to discuss the report and to provide inputs.  It is then hoped that the WRC will fund a research project for the further development of the Guideline.  Management Committee Member Willie Croucamp is leading the initiative on behalf of SANCOLD.

SANCOLD Guideline on Risk Analysis

SANCOLD wishes to update the previous work on risk analysis approach towards the safety of dams.  The approach is that the WRC would have a comprehensive Project on the topic.  The WRC Project has not yet started due to lack of funds, but a number of post-graduate studies are underway on various topics related to the matter at different Universities.  SANCOLD Member Louis Hattingh is closely involved in the matter.  It is hoped that the WRC Project will start soon. SANCOLD Member Dr Chris Oosthuizen is leading the initiative.

SANCOLD Publication on Your Dam

The Dam Safety Office (DSO) has a 1990 publication entitled Your Dam.  This publication has several frequently asked questions which a small dam owner would typically ask.  The proposal is to review this publication and issue it as a SANCOLD document which could include other questions like how do you join SANCOLD etc.  The DSO will then distribute the publication to dam owners.  In short this is a win-win situation for the Dam Safety Office and SANCOLD.  It was agreed that SANCOLD would develop this document as a new publication as it also provides a marketing opportunity for the organisation.   The document needs to be succinct and a pdf version should also be available on the SANCOLD website for downloading.  Management Committee Member, Kelvin Legge, is leading the initiative.

SANCOLD Guideline on the Application of Geotextiles in Embankment Dams

SANCOLD will produce a document on Geotextiles for Embankment Dams and ICOLD may then adopt it as a Bulletin.   The draft document is about 80% complete and should be complete in April/May 2012.   Inputs have been received from a range of South African experts.  Mr Kelvin Legge is leading the initiative.