The South African National Committee on Large Dams (SANCOLD) is a community of builders, designers, operators, and maintainers of large dams in South Africa, and strives to develop and work towards a united vision for the dam-building industry in the country. SANCOLD represents South Africa on the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) and puts into effect ICOLD’s mission in South Africa.

SANCOLD’s mission is to advance the science and art of planning, design, construction, operation, management, maintenance, rehabilitation, and decommissioning of dams, and to develop South African water resources safely, financially sound, ecologically, and socially sustainable manner. SANCOLD is thus committed to fostering technical excellence and good practice in all of these aspects of the dam industry.

SANCOLD is constituted to be inclusive, widely embracing, and democratically representative of the dam community in South Africa. SANCOLD is a vehicle to bring the various groups, inevitably involved in projects concerning dams and water resources, closer together.

SANCOLD’s Management Committee is democratically elected and strives towards demographic, gender, and young-person representation on the elected committee.