The revised SANCOLD Constitution can be downloaded below. The change in the structure and purpose of SANCOLD is described on About SANCOLD on the Background, Purpose and Organogram pages.

The preparation of the new Constitution in September 2008 followed a long process, starting with strategic planning and culminating in a legal review of the draft document. Support for the fundamental changes has been received from various senior officials of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry who up till now has played a key role in the activities and financial support of SANCOLD.

The revised mission of SANCOLD as set out in the Constitution is to:

  • Create and promote an awareness and understanding amongst South Africans of the role of dams in the beneficial and sustainable development of South Africa’s water resources;
  • Advance the knowledge and skills relating to the science and art of planning, design, construction, management, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and decommissioning of dams amongst its members in a safe, financially sound, ecologically and socially sustainable manner;
  • Provide a democratically elected national committee in South Africa to represent South Africa on ICOLD;
  • Provide forums for local interaction between interested participants in the dam industry; and
  • Engage with other African countries in support of initiatives such as those of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) as well as those of ICOLD.

The membership base of SANCOLD has been greatly extended as mentioned in the About SANCOLD and Membership pages in order to be more representative of the dam community in South Africa. The current Constitutional revisionĀ  is dated November 2019.