The original vision for the Young Engineers’ Forum (YEF) was developed at the ICOLD Congress in Brasilia 2009. The detailed proposal obtained support and the first YEF gathering take place at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Lucerne. The target group are those under the age of 40.

The main objectives of YEF are to:

  • Encourage the attendance and involvement of younger engineers at ICOLD meetings.
  • Provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer to the next generation and ensuring the long term future of ICOLD.
  • Provide an opportunity for younger engineers to connect with each other to enable sharing of experiences.
  • Inspire younger engineers to become active in their National Committees to support the above three objectives nationally and internationally.
  • Provide a forum where country strategies around the attraction, encouragement, development and support of the younger engineers in the dam engineering industry can be shared.
  • Provide a format where strategies can be developed to support the above four objectives, and put forward to the ICOLD Board for acceptance and action.

Several countries have established National Young Engineers Forums. The meeting of the ICOLD YEF will take place in the morning of Monday 16 May and a social will be held in the evening of Tuesday 17 May. Young Engineers who make presentations during the Symposium will be eligible for a prize for the best paper and presentation.

Please note that all persons under the age of 40 years may participate in the activities of the ICOLD YEF and to attend the YEF social. Delegates under the age of 35 years qualify for the registration discount.