Regional Clubs are formed by groups of National Committees to facilitate interchange of knowledge and experience between countries with common interests and environments. The Clubs should seek to enhance access to ICOLD knowledge and experience by those who may not otherwise have access to the Commission’s events. The objective is to have only one Regional Club for each of the ICOLD zones.

The current Regional Clubs are: 

  • African Regional Club (ARC)
  • Asian-Pacific Group
  • European Club of ICOLD
  • INCA Club (ICOLD National Committees of the Americas)

The ICOLD website contains some further detail about the Regional Clubs and links to their websites (where applicable). The Regional Clubs meet in the late afternoon of Tuesday 17 May

The official languages of ICOLD are English and French. The Francophone countries provide a language service to ICOLD for the French translations of Bulletins. Representatives from Francophone countries meet in the afternoon of Monday 16 May.

Dear ICOLD African Regional Club member, 

Our next African Regional Club meeting is scheduled on Tuesday 17 May in Johannesburg during the Annual meeting of ICOLD, from 17h00 to 19h00. The venue will be announced in the Programme to be distributed at the registration.

Could you please arrange that your country representative give a short Powerpoint presentation (either in English or French) of not more than 5 minutes on the following aspects:

  • a) Current dam construction/rehabilitation activities in your country
  • b) Proposed new dams in your country/region.

Other aspects that could be discussed include feedback from the ICOLD Board and a proposed AFRICA 2017 Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

Please send this email to all your members or colleagues in other African countries who are attending the next ICOLD annual meeting.

Best regards

Ahmed F. Chraibi
ICOLD Vice-President for Africa