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The Cultural Evening will be held at the Lesedi Cultural Village set amidst rocky hills and bushveld less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. When you visit, you won’t get to see all the South African cultures, but you’ll have close and personal contact with five of them – the Zulus, the Xhosa, the Pedi, the colourful Ndebele people and the mountain people, the Basotho. 

You’ll meet real people (not actors in fancy dress), go into real homes where people live, and listen to these people tell you about their individual cultures and daily lives. As the African sun sets, prepare yourself for one of the highlights of your trip when you go into the Ingoma – the dance boma – to watch some of the best African dancing you will see anywhere in South Africa. 

The dancing is followed by an eclectic African feast. Choose potjiekos – a traditional meat stew cooked in a black cast-iron pot with samp (maize porridge) and beans – or chops, boerewors (beef sausage), steak or chicken from the braai; or test your taste buds and try crocodile, kudu or warthog. 

Dress code: Smart casual with comfortable walking shoes and a jacket to keep you warm at night.

 Lesedi Cultural Village  Lesedi Cultural Village