Programme 2019

Programme 2019


  1. Meaningful participation in ICOLD activities.
  2. Participate in the ICOLD Annual Meeting in 2019.
  3. Greater involvement in the region and African Regional Club.
  1. Strengthen the functioning of the SANCOLD working groups which relate to our representation on ICOLD Committees.


  1. Attract additional corporate and individual members.
  2. Strengthen the relationship with the DWS Management and Ministry.
  3.  Advertise a new scholarship for 2019.
  4. Preparations for the development of a guideline on floods - the National Flood Studies Programme (NFSP) - to be prioritised.
  5. Preparations for the development of a guideline on risk analysis.
  6. Development on a guideline for the application of geofabrics in embankment dams.
  7. Development of a publication on “Your Dam” which will focus on the operation and maintenance of small dam and owners of such dams.
  8. Preparation of a publication on Ecological Water Reserve.
  9. Preparation of a publication on “Your Tailings Dam”.
  10. Preparation of a Guideline on Blasting Practices.
  11. Improvement in the dissemination of SANCOLD and ICOLD publications.
  12. Continued interaction with members particularly via the regular SANCOLD News and the website.
  13. Update the website and keep it current and promote the sale of advertisements on the website.
  14. Targeted marketing of SANCOLD.
  15. Promotion of the SANCOLD Young Person’s Forum (YPF).
  16. Identify and prepare for SANCOLD 2019 Annual Event.
  17. Organise short half-day workshops and/or courses.
  18. Implement accounting software for improved financial matters.



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